#thetruthis God can come through for your friends too

We have given you opportunities to be praying for your friends each day as we've looked at #thetruthis and how God can break through in mental health by the power of his truth.

Today we want to talk about your friends

We believe God has something to say on the mental health epidemic that is spreading through our campuses. We believe He can break through and we believe there is hope.

We believe that uni will be a time where everybody gets a chance to encounter Jesus and be set free by the power of His truth. 

So if you don't know Jesus, if you're not yet sure what you believe, or if you have friends like that, this is also for you.

Jesus wants to set you and your friends free from the battles and the lies that wage war in your mind. He wants your uni to be free from the oppression and the ties of mental health. In fact, He is already working to do just that. That's what we have seen with our stories this week. That's what you will continue to see the closer you look and the more keenly you listen.

Live boldly in truth

Jesus invites us to live boldly in the truth He has given us, and to always have hope. But He asks us to share this truth and hope with those around us too and bring freedom wherever we go. We get to join in with Him on this healing mission!

Join in our prayer on Facebook live later today with loveyouruni!

Saffa's Story

Watch Safaa's story of what has helped her in supporting her friends through mental health. God can help us see breakthrough in other people too.


We know that #thetruthis awkward when it comes to this stuff. More students struggle with mental health than don't right now. And we don't talk much about it- we don't know where to start. It seems a dire and daunting picture.
But when it come to God’s truth, we can start to see a different story being told. We see that…

The truth is powerful.

The truth is you were made for more.

The truth is God is with you.

The truth is you have value.

The truth is God can break through.

This is about seeing breakthrough in mental health on our campuses. We believe that God is already doing that. But He wants us to join in, so that truth and freedom spread more quickly than mental health itself and the culture of campus is changed to look more like the kingdom of God. 

This begins with you - boldly living in and holding onto God’s truth. It continues as you share truth with your friends. It spreads as we join together in hope and share the breakthrough stories too...

Jo Blair

Student Mission Developer

Jo lives in Manchester and works for Fusion in encouraging students to live for Jesus at uni. She loves language and spends most of her time in a swimming pool.

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