The Brand New Discipleship Deck

Ever felt like you want to be sharper in faith and what it looks like to live with Jesus, but don’t know how? Ever sat with someone, desperate for them to open up but not knowing the right questions to ask?

From a recent survey* of how Christian students spend their time, we were most… by the impact of local church discipleship. Students who are being discipled in the local church are:

  1. Twice as likely to be known as a Christian by their mates
  2. Twice as easy to share Jesus with their mates
  3. A third more likely to mix Christian and non-Christian friendships
  4. More likely to invite a non-Christian friend to church
  5. Twice as likely to pray with someone who doesn’t know Jesus
  6. 15% more likely to read the bible regularly

Do you want to see your students praying more, reading the bible more and sharing their faith more? The impact is clear and it is all really good. Let’s invest time in discipling our students to see more of these things.

Fusion’s brand new Discipleship Deck is a really good place to start.

This is more than just a pack of cards, this is not a game you can win by bluffing, or playing it safe. Instead, if you get out your honesty and put forward your most vulnerable card, you might start to find yourself winning greater freedom and friendship.

Use it to play normal card games or to help bring sharpness to your discipleship walk. Give it a go on your own, in pairs or groups. Each card comes with a challenging question which will help you go deeper in conversation and accountability with others. The questions are on topics around uni life, including things like relationships, spiritual discipline and how you spend your time. Watch out for the jokers in the pack too!

order your Discipleship Deck today!

*Stats are from Fusion’s 2015 ‘A week in the life of a Christian student’ survey with 1400 responses.