He's SO tall!!

Recently my friend’s son asked him in an awed voice… “do you really get to work with Michael…!?” To the amusement of my friend, it turned out their son's misplaced reverence for me came down to one thing: “He’s so tall!”

At just barely 5ft 6, this is not something that is said of me often! But while most people look at me and see someone quite short, from 5 year old Aaran’s point of view apparently I'm massive!

I guess its all a matter of perspective.

I've been thinking a lot about size and perspective at the start of this new academic year. At the end of the last, I was celebrating the graduation of most of our church’s students. As wonderful as that was, it means that this year we’re rebuilding our student ministry almost from scratch with just a handful.

Its easy in situations like this to be discouraged. Smaller groups look less significant. The events you organise seem less glamorous. The work you're doing can feel less important.

But I keep returning to one glorious truth: God loves small too! Jesus started small. As a small time carpenter, from a small time town, he gathered a small group of people together but they radically changed the world. 

However large or small our ministry is, we get to be a part of the mustard-seed-tiny-turned-world-wide-massive movement of the Kingdom. 

I'm finding myself praying a lot at the minute “God, just give me 12! 12 students to love and invest in. Just 12 to seek you and dream with. Because I know that while from one perspective that might appear small and insignificant, from God’s perspective that’s beautiful and powerful.

Whatever our groups' size, as long as we’re willing He will use us as part of his world transforming purposes! So bring on the year ahead!

Michael Wadsworth

Fusion Training Developer

Michael develops Fusion’s internal and external training. He also studies Theology part time and is part of an experimental church plant in Derby.

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