Prayer is...

No one can disagree with a call to pray. Yet most find it excruciatingly difficult to prioritise.

On Tuesday 6th March we’re calling the church to push a dedicated time of prayer for student mission to the front of our agendas.

We need to keep reminding ourselves in an age obsessed with productivity, efficiency and results over presence, relationships and depth that PRAYER holds the key role in participating in God’s victory.

Trusting an invisible God to implement his visible agenda on the basis of prayer is foolishness in the world’s eyes, but wisdom in God’s. Prayer is this wonderful, powerful, and subversive activity undermining the enemy and advancing God’s purposes.

Prayer shapes the course of student mission.

Prayer catalyses fresh hope, expectation and imagination for student mission.

Prayer is our most potent weapon to dismantling the demonic agenda stifling a generation's destiny.

Prayer is not some kind of polite, timid, detached response to the raging injustices of our age.

For citizens of the Kingdom, prayer, whether silent or a shout, a whisper or a song, is a roar that jolts the soul out of a slumber and into the reality of the Kingdom.

Prayer is an invitation to wonder again what is available in the Kingdom for the students of our time.

Prayer beckons us to boldly declare a Kingdom experience that is not yet experienced. It demands our attention, focus and presence. In prayer we embark on a dangerous journey into the heart of our God who is a consuming fire!

Come together in 2-3s, small groups, and ministries to pray with one voice to our One Father, for his One Kingdom to come. Just as Jesus taught us.

JOIN IN ON TUESDAY 6th MARCH in a small group wherever you are for a Day of Prayer for Student Mission in Europe. Keep in touch on the day via social media to see the prayer guide, and cheer each other on as we share what God is saying.

Join us