Fusion at New Wine

Have you ever been to New Wine in the summer?

Consider this your invitation! Come with a group from your church. Get together with a bunch of students and book on

This summer, those of us at Fusion are teaming up with New Wine to bring great content for students and people in their 20's throughout the two weeks. Here are the reasons why I think it is worth coming along. 

  1. New Wine works with all ages - like the church. It's not one specific age group. Although we do think specifically about how to reach each distinctive grouping. 
  2. It will be outward looking and focused on equipping disciples for mission through the local church across the coming year. 
  3. The Fusion team will be there and we are super fun!
  4. The speaker and seminar line up is on fire! Full announcements to come soon. 
  5. The weather is always stunning. It never rains or anything.*

So if you have never been to New Wine before, or if you've got every T shirt since you were a wee nipper, get yourself there!

Week 1: 28th July - 3rd August

Week 2: 5th August - 11th August

Book on today

* This may not be true. But come anyway!

Luke Smith

Fusion Team Leader

Luke loves people and he loves a good team. He lives in York and is married to Hannah. He likes golf and cheese.                                                                                                                 

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