Small Groups : Big Mission

In this series we’re exploring how to lead dynamic small groups for the sake of the student world.

It’s 21 years since Fusion began in 1997 with an explosion of small groups called Fusion Cells. Students were empowered to lead and the outcome was that small groups with a passion to share Jesus began multiplying in dozens of universities. Students became Christians, were discipled, taught how read the bible, how to pray, and released into leadership.

At 19 years old, I became a Christian at university and found the student small group incredibly formative for solidifying my new faith and understanding the nature of the church as a community on mission. The small groups became the central drive of our role in student mission as we embraced new believers, trained leaders and pursued multiplication.

Church comes in many shapes and sizes, forms and expressions. I personally love them all! The diversity is part of the brilliance of God’s creativity and passion for his image to be expressed fully in the earth.

I’m convinced we need to see a new generation of students experience the church through dynamic small groups where every Christian student plays their part. The book we have written is all about this - a practical step by step guide to joining in with God’s movement.

Can you imagine being part of a small group that people can’t wait to gather for? It’s fun, it’s adventurous, it’s energising. One where you are loved, affirmed and get to contribute, one that invites the Holy Spirit to move and reveal the heart of God, one that sees people encounter Jesus and grows with new Christians. One that has a clear purpose and is led well.

These are the sort of small groups that have worked so well with students, and the groups that the new workbook Small Groups: Big Mission will equip you to build.

Our new workbook Small Groups: Big Mission is out now. We recommend going through the content with leaders and students. The Fusion team deliver small group training empowered by the Holy Spirit, prayer and dynamic content from the workbook.