Theology Slam: Could You Win?

Theology Slam is searching for the most engaging voices thinking theologically about the contemporary world- could you be in the mix?

A partnership between SCM Press, Lambeth Palace, The Church Times and LICC; Theology Slam is an opportunity for you to explore theology in relation to a contemporary topic and answer the question- what does engaging with this theologically mean for Christian discipleship?

There are 12 topics available, and with university being a space where new ideas surround you, your opinions are more solidly formed, and questions around faith and current culture are more prevalent than ever, we know there must be a few students or student workers out there who would love to have their voice heard. Perhaps you have journeyed with mental health and therefore dug into theology as a response, or maybe what you've discovered in the bible is at odds with how you see disability being treated- get your voice heard.

All of us are theologians. The minute we say something about God, we are speaking theology. Young voices, unheard voices, need to be nurtured in the practice of reflecting on faith and the wider world, and this event will do just that. I encourage applications, and look forward to reading the winning entries

Justin Welby

The competition is comprised of two rounds; the first a written and video submission due by 7th December, the second a presentation and Q&A following on from free public speaking coaching for the top three entries.

Theology Slam is looking for new voices between 18-30 who are thinking theologically about the contemporary world- are you the voice they're looking for?

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