A Day of Prayer in Manchester

A day of Prayer for student mission in the UK and Europe


You are all invited!

Last year we gathered together in unity in Oxford - some in person and some in small groups across Europe - and prayed, worshiped and fasted for student mission in Europe and we saw God moving and doing incredible things in Europe as well as in the UK last year.

This year, we will be gathering in Manchester to pray, worship and some of us will be fasting for student mission in the UK and Europe and all of you who are passionate about students and student mission are invited to join us in praying into:

  • contend for a move of God in the student world
  • call students to follow Christ and be ignited with his fire
  • commission students as Kingdom stakeholders for their time at university and beyond

If you are joining us, I encourage you to book your FREE ticket here and if you are fasting, you are very welcome to join us in breaking the fast afterwards.

However, if you can’t join us in Manchester in person, gather a small group of friends and join us in prayer in unity wherever you are.


Wednesday 6th March 2019, 11AM-4PM




Maral Assadzadeh

Student Mission Developer

Maral lives in Manchester and is passionate about students finding their way back home. She studies Kingdom Theology, LOVES languages and chocolate.

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