Pioneering a student ministry: Josh at RAU

Josh studies AT The Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester. He's a wild Zimbabwean with a full heart. He lives and loves well, walking out the vision God gave him to reach every student on his campus. This is what he had to say about pioneering a student ministry.

Student work I have found to be like breakers on a shore. There are troughs and peaks but God is causing a rising tide. Who can thwart the plans of the Lord?

I began at the Royal Agricultural College in 2017 and joined 3 – 5 others to seek God. I believe God wanted me to not concentrate on being a number increaser but to be a disciple maker. So I prayed and he gave me 3 young men over the months. One broke my nose and I’m still on His case for christ. The other 2 are now moving powerfully with God and touching lives on a daily basis – challenging me and surpassing me in the areas of their incredible giftings. One left drugs and the other left his partying lifestyle. I guess it’s what happens when you realize that life with God is the wildest of party's and the Holy spirit is a much more potent antidote for pain. Ps121 “As the deer pants for flowing streams so my soul pants for you oh God!”

God had to build a house you see. No one sees the house when you have laid the foundations and in my first year I never saw it. But “unless the Lord builds the house the labourers build in vain.” This year has developed wonderfully. There are more of us following God and you don’t just find us in the chapel. You find us out at the Campus bar and the parties – cooking pancakes showing and telling people of the good news. Last term a partying brother gave his life to the Lord and so we subsequently baptized him with 5 others a few weekends later.

We’re currently focusing on a series about cultivating a love for God's word – The Bible. We want it to speak to us – words to jump out of the page at us. Now as we grow in our love for God's word I pray that on everyone’s watches – they would start coming together and enjoy God's presence.. Just because we can. Fusion has given us awesome small group training books and input that have been so valuable in rearing our CU. Now I pray and when you read this please stop now and also pray for us; that what we have and our small group sessions would spread through our campus and town.

We are still experiencing peaks and troughs but Jesus has spoken to the sea to rise on our Campus and around the UK. Our generation will surf these breakers. Are you called to pioneer?


Paul Eaton

Regional Team Leader

Paul found faith just before going to uni and became passionate about reaching his mates as a student. He loves seeing students find home in church and has a heart for welcoming international students.

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