Trychurch - An invitation to a generation of students.

Trychurch - An invitation to a generation of students. 

That’s an invitation to 2.3 million students in the UK. 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by that number? I am. 

I'm also completely convinced that the stats need to change. I'm not satisfied with knowing that only ~0.7% of 2.3 million students are connected with a local church.

While this can feel like a huge task and completely overwhelming, we know that God is on the move, He is the God of immeasurably more and a God that knows each of the 2.3 million students by name. 

With prayer, boldness and hard graft we can get out on campus and get inviting. 

We have been out on campuses across the UK with local churches, inviting all students to try church at freshers fairs, and an overwhelming number said yes. This gives us just a small snapshot of the culture we are speaking into, but from what we have seen, students are keen, they are responding positively to an invitation to give church a go. 

In Luke 10 it says the harvest is plentiful and it most certainly is although it’s going to take more than a freshers fair or a campaign to see a generation of students to find hope in Jesus and home in the local church. Try Church is a lifestyle and a posture to be adopted. We’re not just inviting students at the start of the year, it is something that needs to be lived and breathed, and as the church, we need to be ready to welcome students that are saying yes to Jesus for the first time. 

Below are 5 blogs with some ideas and inspo to get started: 

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Katie McLean

Regional Team Leader

It was at university that Katie learnt what it meant to follow Jesus, and she wants to see a generation of students invited to do the same. She loves it when students are bold in their faith and churches are creative in reaching students.

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