Help, I don't know where to start!

HELP, I need some ideas to get started! 


This isn’t a how-to guide to invite a generation of students to try church but it’s a starting point if you need some ideas to get going and to spark your imagination.


Starting in prayer sounds almost too obvious to state, but it’s vital. This is a huge task and we need to be partnering with God, letting God lead us and committing it to Him. 

Student Linkup

Again, an obvious one but, we need to be connecting with and inviting the students that already know Jesus. Every year there is a significant drop off of Christian students. Use the Student Linkup, get onto campus and invite students to belong, not just to visit.

Try Church freshers fairs

Like I said in my previous blog, this is only a starting point but it’s a brilliant opportunity to get in front of thousands of students and get inviting. It’s also a great way to kick off the new year.  

Campus mission 

This is the perfect opportunity to get creative. I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing your context well, the culture of a uni, the kind of courses and students that they attract, and the demographic of students. This will make all the difference in how to make an impact in your city. Student workers, this is the perfect opportunity to get out and train your students to live a life of mission. 

Students are a key to campus

Students - you have the power of the Holy Spirit living in you and working through you. Your student workers can’t do it for you. You are living, studying, working and partying on campus. You are the front line missionaries. 

Student workers - Release your students, train them up, equip them to live a life of mission, to know that they have the power of the Holy Spirit living in them and send them out, again and again as missionaries. 


Katie McLean

Regional Team Leader

Katie lives in Nottingham and is passionate about seeing students' lives transformed and creative student ministry. She loves to surf, even though she couldn’t live further from the sea, dabbles in tennis and would be lying if she said she wasn’t competitive.

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