Don't go to church on Sunday

It can be daunting to ask our non Christian mates to #trychurch. Especially when we think they might imagine a cold building, dusty pews and at a push some shine Jesus shine. 

It can feel like a lot of pressure, to explain so much of Jesus in so few words. 

But have no fear! 

The building is not the church; the people are. As Rend Collective once said “We are the church”.

If we live that out it means our friends are experiencing a little bit of church in us being their mate. We don't just go to church on Sunday, we are the church every day of the week. 

So inviting someone to church is inviting them into the family, to feel loved and known. It’s showing who Jesus is as well as telling.  

Asking your mates to try church might not look like getting them in the building right away. It could be a seat at Sunday dinner, a coffee and a chat or even an invite to a pub trip. It’s inviting them into what your life looks like with Jesus in it. 

God says “where two or three of you meet, there I am”

 - Matthew 18:20

So go ahead and get out there, meet people where they are and take church with you!

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Tash Rajan

Church Relations Developer

Tash caught the vision for student mission when she invited her uni mates to try church and saw how it impacted their lives. She connects with church leaders to support and inspire them so more students come to life through church at uni.