A Prayer for Students

Heavenly father, 

Thank you for each and every precious student worldwide. 

Thank you for creating them in your image, and for designing them out of your perfect love. 

You have created them to be known and loved by you, and to experience life and life in abundance. 

They are your handiwork, made for a wonderful plan of life that you invite them to. 

And our prayer is this…

That each and every student would find hope in your son and home in your precious family. 

Remind your church to pray for students, to love them well and to invite them into your family. 

And God we ask this...

For the anxious student, bring peace. 

For the saddened student, bring joy. 

For the hurting student, bring comfort. 

For the weary student, bring rest.

For the confused student, bring clarity. 

For the apathetic student, bring passion. 

For the empty student, bring the fullness of life. 

For the lonely student, bring community. 

For the lost student, bring them home. 

In Jesus name we pray, 



Funmi Akinola

Student Mission Developer

Funmi is passionate about churches growing and planting. She loves connecting with a diverse breadth of churches and seeing them thrive in creatively loving, welcoming and discipling students.

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