“What am I going to do on Sunday?” 

“What am I going to do on Sunday?” 

This is the question that many people are asking themselves right now. Empty calendars with cancelled plans leave weekends free. Not only are church services now online, but coffee dates with friends are put on hold, cinema trips have been paused and visiting family in far away cities is a no go. 

So what are you going to do on Sunday? 

Millie is a current student in Gloucestershire. Just one year ago, after a period of regularly going home on the weekends, Millie was encouraged by her parents to stay in her halls and spend time with friends. Her weekends would usually be filled with family time in the Lake District, but for this weekend, Millie would have to consider other plans. 

“Before, I’d call myself a Christian but I’d never read the Bible. I had never met anyone who had a relationship with Jesus until I came to uni - I didn’t know that a relationship with God was a thing…”

After seeing a Facebook post advertising a church service followed by lunch, despite having no interest in trying church before, Millie thought, “at uni you’re supposed to be a part of groups and try things out”, so that Sunday she tried church for the first time. 

“Honestly, I only went to waste my time.” 

Millie was surprised when she found herself welcomed into a group of people and was challenged by the way that they loved one another. Like most people, Millie had struggled with insecurities and anxiety, but after meeting some other students in church, she realised that they were different. 

“They were so unafraid to be who they were. These people genuinely loved each other and they lived that out. Honestly, I went to waste my time, but it became clear that they had something amazing and I wanted it too.” 

Millie asked questions, had lots of late night conversations and ugly cried more times than she could count, but a few weeks later she decided that she wanted to give her life to Jesus! Since then, Millie has experienced more hope than ever before and is passionate about sharing her hope with others.

This week is Easter Sunday. So what are you going to do on Sunday? 

Perhaps you’ve considered going to church, but have never had the time. 

Perhaps church is “not your thing”, but you could do with some hope in this season. 

Wherever you’re at, let this Easter Sunday be the day you try church. 

Many churches have taken their services online. To find a church near you, why not use Student Linkup?

Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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