An Open Letter to The Church in Isolation

To the angel of the church in Isolation; 


To the angel of the church in Isolation

To a people weary and worn out in the face of devastation, 

I know your deeds, hard work and perseverance. 

I hear your prayers at night, when you feel that I am distanced. 

The faithful are not few, but they are far between,

Your spirits burning brighter to close a gap that seems


so wide. 

Hold on. 


There is more for you in this moment. 

Where you see a prison, I see a tinder box

Ready to flare into a fire, before fear burns through your hearts. 

Where you see barriers, I see bridges. 

Ready to be built by your hands if you’ll help me. 


Wisdom calls aloud in the street, 

It may be night but, but let her wake you from your sleep,

All who have ears, let them hear

My deeds are not yet complete.


Further Readings;

The inspiration from this poem comes in part, from letters written by the disciples to a whole host of Churches. There is so much for the Church to step into right now; we have many talents and voices, each with a place. But we must root ourselves in the wisdom of scripture first.

When I sat down to write this I had something very different in mind. As a third year student I was frustrated, angry and worn down - I had a lot to say. But instead of writing first, I read. 

More than anything I could begin to write here, God has something to say to you through scripture. Even if the world feels turned upside down...especially whilst it feels upside down. 

If you’ve ever had the thought, the Bible is too old to speak into this, take another look; 

  • Ecceleasties talks about deep pain and how life can feel pointless. 
  • Song of Songs talks about how great sex and relationships are. 
  • The book of Esther doesn’t even directly mention God.

If any of this surprises you, I dare you to dig into it! 

And if this doesn't surprise you, I have a challenge. What can you find that's new to you in the Bible today?

Tash Rajan

Church Relations Developer

Tash caught the vision for student mission when she invited her uni mates to try church and saw how it impacted their lives. She connects with church leaders to support and inspire them so more students come to life through church at uni.