"Small Group has been one of the best things that happened at uni."

Facing uncertainty during her final year of university, Becky shares the one thing that’s been keeping her motivated and her faith strong: her small group. 

“We should start off with the fact that I'm in 3rd year but this was my first time going to church at uni, so I didn’t know anyone. It’s super daunting to walk up to someone in church and ask, “actually, why do people suffer?”. I really wanted a space to ask those questions.

I was looking to connect with other students in a place where they feel comfortable to share what they think, and also you can share what you think! I think that if I hadn’t gone to a small group, that I wouldn’t  be as good friends with people from church.” 

How are you feeling about your end to university life? 

“Everyone I know is healthy and safe - but at the same time. It really sucks. It's really disappointing that everything you’ve worked for, for the last three years won’t happen. The other day I shed a little tear, that I won’t have a graduation photo.”

"I have joined my church community and I have a small group. It’s been one of the best things that has happened in Uni.” 

This is the pain and frustration of many final year students affected by COVID-19, but Becky goes on to share the unexpected benefits of moving her local church online. 

“Having it online means that I can choose what mindset I’m going to be in when I start watching the services. I can pause and make a note or think back on something which I really like...

You don’t get the community with an online church that you get in real life, but that comes in small groups.”

What impact has your online small group made on you during your final few months at university?

“I take small groups so much more seriously now. It means so much to me - you can bounce off each other. There is a sense of community that we’re all going through this together. Also sometimes when I come home, I find it really hard to keep going to church, but I love that small group keeps me going.”

As Becky reflects on her 3 years at university, she says that her final year, where she found church and invested in a small group, was her favourite. 

“Despite the stress of 3rd year, COVID-19 and the emotion of the long goodbye - third year has been my favourite year of uni. The only variable from the other years is the fact that I have joined my church community and I have a small group. It’s been one of the best things that has happened in Uni.” 


Tash Rajan

Church Relations Developer

Tash caught the vision for student mission when she invited her uni mates to try church and saw how it impacted their lives. She connects with church leaders to support and inspire them so more students come to life through church at uni.