Isaiah 61: Day 37

"as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest..." (Isaiah 61:10)

Over the past two days we have read that the garments of salvation enable us to see the world in a different way, and to be covered in the robes of righteousness means to live a life reflecting the truth and life which you find in Jesus.

Isaiah then goes on to compare this to a bridegroom preparing for his wedding day. In the time which Isaiah was writing, the groom would wear a special head-dress when he was getting married. This headdress was an incredibly large and vibrant headpiece, which is similar to a mitre which priests wear. Because of this headdress, there would have been no mistaking who was the bridegroom, as this would have made them stand out from the crowd. 

Similarly, the garment of salvation and the robes of righteousness which God clothes us in should make us stand out from the crowd. But the question is: do they?

Sometimes standing out from the crowd can have negative connotations to do with being left out and living life on the fringe. However, to stand out from the crowd while wearing the garments and robes which God has clothed us in means to stand out for all the good reasons. 

My challenge for you today is to think about what aspects of your life you would perhaps prefer to blend in with than to stand out.

When are the times you would prefer to hide your headdress than wear it with confidence?

In knowing Jesus, God has already clothed you with his salvation and righteousness, so let’s start living a life in which reflects this and causes us to stand out from the crowd. 



Suzanna Layton

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