Isaiah 61: Day 19

"strangers will shepherd your flocks; foreigners will work your fields and vineyards..." (Isaiah 61:5)

Yesterday, we were challenged on whether we are willing to facilitate the renewal of our ruined cities, campuses, and universities. We were invited to pray and to fast for a move of God. I want to add to that challenge, how are you praying beyond yourself?

In today’s passage, we read about strangers shepherding our flocks, and foreigners working in our fields. Translation: People we don’t yet know, people we might never know, taking on our dreams and our prayers. Kind of awkward and uncomfortable right? 

Prayers for revival, for restoration and renewal, are huge. If we see this, there will be a shift and escalation way beyond our own capacity and prayer life. 

Perhaps you have been faithfully praying for one of your mates, now imagine someone swoops in and leads them to know Jesus. It feels kind of frustrating, you feel like you’ve missed the moment that you have faithfully prayed for. But this is part of your legacy. You have sown into the kingdom of God.

I want to pause here to flip the narrative. What if we are the strangers? Perhaps we are the answered prayers of those that have gone before us. Have you ever stopped to think about those who have prayer walked your campus, those who have prayed for future generations of students, those who have invested in your leaders, or your leaders’ leaders? 

Today’s challenge is to pray for the strangers, those you don’t yet know, those that don’t yet know Jesus and those you may never know. It’s not easy to pray for nameless, faceless people. Maybe pop an alarm on your phone to remind you to pray or pick a time of day to intercede.


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Katie McLean

Regional Team Leader

It was at university that Katie learnt what it meant to follow Jesus, and she wants to see a generation of students invited to do the same. She loves it when students are bold in their faith and churches are creative in reaching students.

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