Just Do It

It’s not very often that we get the chance to try something again, or to try and do it better. As Jess prepared to start her masters last summer, she spent some time reflecting on what she wished she had done differently as part of her undergraduate degree. Her number one answer was this: Go in straight away and tell people I love Jesus.

When Jess started her undergraduate degree, she had been unsure of where she stood in her faith. That soon changed as she got plugged into a local church, but by this point she was already part of the way into her degree and was unsure how to begin sharing her faith with her course mates. 

Starting a masters gave Jess the chance to have another go, and share her love for Jesus right from the start. As Jess spent time praying and inviting God into her course, she felt a real stirring to start a weekly group to pray for her course mates, lecturers, essay deadlines and everything else in-between. This felt like a risk and Jess had no idea what the group was going to look like, but she trusted that God did know.

Before the course started, Jess met another girl from her course who had a faith background, and she specifically invited her to join the prayer group. For a few weeks it was just the two of them, until Jess heard another course mate share that they had been to church, and she invited her along too. Now between 2 and 5 of them meet up every week to pray together. 

‘The biggest thing which we’ve seen happen in the group is people coming back to Jesus. Two girls who came along hadn’t been to church in a long while, hadn’t prayed, hadn’t read their bible, hadn’t considered God. Both of them have come along and got plugged in. They’ve prayed, they’ve brought bible verses and they have reconnected with their father. It’s really exciting to see people coming home.’

Jess’ story is an incredible reminder that if you feel God prompting you to do something, then just do it! Don’t worry about the logistics, just turn up and say “God I’m here for you, what do you want to do”. As you look forward to the final term of this academic year ask yourself this question: “what do I wish I’d done differently?” Perhaps you wish you’d gone to a small group or invited a friend to church. Well use the next term to do it! Don’t miss out on an opportunity which God is giving you.

Suzanna Layton

Operations Administrator

Suzanna supports the Fusion team as they connect with churches, by providing administrative support and assisting with the day-to-day running of Fusion.

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