Prep for Uni: What I Learnt the Hard Way

Preparing Young People for University 

The transition from home life into university can be an incredibly daunting experience. Young people are forced to fend for themselves for the first time whilst trying to be strong amidst the large amounts of social pressure.

It wasn’t until I packed my bags, left home and headed out to university that I started to encounter some personal struggles. I fell into the hole that many new students do; partying, socially overcompensating and sleeping too much! It wasn’t until being six months into my new course that I realised I didn’t actually have any solid friends or good community around me. I started experiencing some mental health struggles in the form of anxiety and depression at around this time. I went to church in an attempt to find some community and friendship but after a month of attendance I struggled even still to make any meaningful friendships. 

How could life have been different?

Looking back on this time it has become clear that if only I knew of the work Fusion did and still do, my university experience would’ve been a very different story. Through the use of Student Linkup I could’ve found a church that was just right for me and joined up with a community of like minded people. Student Linkup is so integral for those preparing to head off to study, it is the ultimate key to unlock a life giving, joy filled time at university. If you are starting university this summer, download Student Linkup and have a browse of the churches in the area you are heading to. Help calm your concerns and try out a Student Linkup box for your A-Z guide on starting university, you won’t regret it! 

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