4 ways to prepare for University

Are you going to university this year? How are you feeling about it? Perhaps you’re raring to go, or maybe you’re very apprehensive. Wherever you sit on the scale, preparing for university is so important. This doesn’t just mean packing your suitcase, but preparing yourself to be a light for Jesus on campus, and thinking about how you can share your faith with your flat mates.

Emily has just finished her first year at university and looking back, she can see the value which preparing for university had this year. Here are 4 of the ways in which she prepared for university:

‘I got lots of advice and tips from other people who had been to university. My youth leader also ran a Pizza Night, where those of us who were going to uni could ask questions. This was so helpful as it gave me space to process my thoughts.’

‘I went along to the Fusion Prep for Uni Sessions, which were really useful as I could hear other people’s thoughts on how they felt about going to university as a Christian. The sessions covered a lot of topics, and a number of them I hadn’t thought through. So these sessions encouraged me to do so.’ 

‘I downloaded the Student Linkup app, which was really useful as it gave me a chance to look into different churches before I had even gone to university, and work out which churches I wanted to try. Through the app, I was able to connect with some student workers and I met up with a few of them for coffee during freshers week.’

‘The Student Alphabet which comes in the Student Linkup box was really useful. I had thought through a lot of things before going to uni, but I hadn’t thought through everything, and that basically covered everything! Reading through the book helped me to look at so many things from a christian perspective, and I’ve referred back to it throughout the year.’

If you’re heading off to university this year, then why not try some of these? Here are the links to check out the Student Linkup app and the Student Linkup Box, which includes The Student Alphabet.

We can also run Prep for Uni Training at your church. If you'd be interested in this, then email hello@fusionmovement.org and we can tell you more!

Suzanna Layton

Operations Administrator

Suzanna supports the Fusion team as they connect with churches, by providing administrative support and assisting with the day-to-day running of Fusion.

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