"There's no budget for a Student Worker..."

In September we hosted the Fusion Conference which gave a space for students to share stories of what God has done in and through them in the last 18 months. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing some of these stories on the blog, so grab a cup of tea and be encouraged. 

Monique, a graduate based in West London, noticed a gap within her church. Knowing the church building was within walking distance of a university campus, she knew it was time to start inviting students to try church. 

"God’s doing great stuff in West London. We’ve grown a big group of young adults, but I was always aware that there was a university nearby, so we’ve been praying and thought maybe it’s time that we start doing student outreach." 

After praying about her next steps, Monique decided to ask her church leader if she could take responsibility for student work within her church...

"I spoke to my vicar and asked if I could lead it! She asked me to write a job description for the role but told me that we had no budget for it. "

With no budget, but a willingness to serve and vision for the students on her doorstep, Monique began to lead a student ministry within her church. That was until, a visitor entered the church and offered some help.

"Just a few weeks later, a guy walked into the church who wasn’t a Christian and told us that what the church does for young people is really important. He then gave us a bunch of money and asked us to use it to reach out to young people in the area and since then, I’ve seen God open lots of doors!"

Monique held the vision. Her church leader released her to outwork it. A stranger gave her the resources to do so. When following the call of God, there is no lack, and it was a joy to be surprised by God's provision. 

A challenge for you. What dreams do you need to begin outworking that are currently being held back? Where do you need to trust God's provision more today? Our prayer for you is that you would be fully alive in the calling He has for you and find joy as you are surprised by God's grace and provision for you. 

Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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