"My favourite thing has been finding a church"


At Fusion, we love hearing stories of how God is moving across universities and how churches are welcoming freshers into their church communities.  

“My favourite thing has been finding a church”.

Imagine if this was the testimony of every fresher all over the UK. In October, we hosted a variety of training days for students and student workers. We welcomed students such as Abigail who has just started studying British Sign Language and Deaf Studies in Preston. She was invited by her student worker to the training day and already had a heart for students so it seemed a no brainer. 

Her favourite thing about university has been the community of Christians coming around her and supporting her as she settles into her new home. Just after a few months, she can confidently say that her new church family feels like a home, which is so encouraging to hear.

Without joining a church, she said she would have felt less connected to people and might have struggled to open up about how she’s doing. It’s amazing to hear stories of where the local church are ready to receive students and support them in their times at University. 

Fusion's mission is to see every student have an opportunity to find hope in Jesus and home in the local church during their time at university. So we’re celebrating when we hear stories of this happening. Join us in praying and championing churches in student mission. We couldn’t do it without your support! 

Charlie Lavin

Student Mission Developer

Charlie found her passion and calling for students whilst in her first year of university. She is excited about seeing others step into their own callings. She builds relationships with churches across the south to encourage and equip them with student mission. 


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