Do you have an idea that could be a God idea?

You’ll have heard Jesus’ famous story. The one where a farmer chooses to sow his seeds far and wide across all kinds of terrain. Some seeds crash upon rocks, land amongst thorns and are eaten by birds, Others make their journey into good soil, producing a crop thirty, sixty, one-hundred times it’s original size!

Just Sow exists to sow the seed of money, generously! To put resources into the hands of people who care about sharing the gospel and have an idea of how to do it. Fusion are thrilled to partner with Just Sow to provide the opportunity to specifically support the growth of the kingdom in the student world through the work of local churches and student ministries. Over the last 12 months, 8 different projects have received a seed worth £1,000 from a sower. We believe these projects are truly kingdom focused and centred on sharing the good news of Jesus with students.

Here are just a few of those wonderful ideas:

New community church, Sidcup

Hannah, New Community Church Sidcup, received a student seed to deliver 30 hampers to every kitchen flat in her local halls of residence during Freshers Week 2022. At the Rose Bruford Freshers Fayre, over 100 students approached Hannah and her team to thank the church for the gifts they received. The presence, kindness and generosity of New Community, which established trust and deepened curiosity, led to 28 students trying church for the first time and attending their small groups! How amazing! Hannah’s positive experience of attaining a student seed through Just Sow inspired Rachel, Hannah’s Student Intern, to apply for funding to run a weekly student cafe. Sidcup is not hugely blessed with a range of spaces where students can easily congregate to work and hangout. This, alongside an energy crises that has impacted hundreds of students from heating their homes, means spaces like a cafe are both essential to students and are fantastic opportunities for the church to demonstrate the love of Christ through meeting practical and holistic needs!

@ Hyde Park Corner, LEEDS

@ Hyde Park Corner, a new church plant for students in Leeds, received a student seed for a number of different outreach ideas in the first 12 months of starting. HPC longs for Hyde Park to not just be a place, but a home where students can live in community, lean on one another and go through life together where no-one is excluded or ignored. That’s why every week, since September, the church has been serving an average of 90 hot drinks on a popular walking route between the University of Leeds and Halls of Residences. This simple act of kindness sparked lots of interest and conversations around faith! Invitations to church followed. Moving forward, Adrian and his team are exploring the idea of establishing a community gospel choir as a way of inviting students into their community. They’ve got a location sorted and are thinking about re-applying to Just Sow to employ a fully-qualified choir leader!

Highfield Church, Southampton

Not all seeds have to be physically sown! Check out Season 1 and 2 of the ‘Stumbling to Eternity’ podcast on Spotify and Soundcloud. The student seed funded the purchase of new equipment for Highfield Church Southampton, and since the upgrade, the student ministry has noticed a remarkable difference in sound quality and ability to capture student testimonies. It means today, students are not only proud to be associated with the podcast but are now using it as an evangelistic tool to share their faith journey with unchurched friends! Looking ahead, Just Sow and Fusion are eagerly anticipating more good news stories coming out of churches in York, Bath and Leicester that hopes to reach students through food banquets, firepits and Tik Tok training courses!

Do you have an idea that could be a God idea? Do you have a dream that could transform your campus, so more students have an opportunity to hear the gospel or be invited to try church? Today, right now, you can apply for your project to be considered for a £1,000 student seed to make your gospel idea a reality. 

Join in with the harvest and apply before Monday 13th March 2023.

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A farmer went out to sow his seed. We can do the same for the sake of his land!

Will Reavell

Partnership Developer

Will’s personal experiences at university led him to know and encounter the Father’s heart in all its fullness. This love ignites his passion to resource the local church in reaching, discipling and empowering the next generation of students to share their hope and faith in Jesus. Revival come!

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