From an Atheist to Baptism- Sophie's Story

In February we had our Fusion Training days at York, Reading, and Bristol. One thing we love at Fusion is hearing stories of what God is doing among students and young people. We have a vision to see every student find hope in Jesus and home in the local Church.

Sophie came to our training day in York and shared this amazing story of how much God has changed her life in the last year and a half...

* * * * *

"I grew up in an atheist household and I always had that feeling that something was missing. I started filling it up with other stuff like doing drugs and having parties, I thought I was free."

"I moved to England a year and a half ago and my neighbour, who is a similar age to me, invited me to Church. When I went everyone encouraged me to come back even though they knew where I was at with faith. They helped to answer all my questions and they kept inviting me to everything without pressuring me too much.

"I was sceptical at first but after a while, that little hole that was missing something began to fill up. I started being more confident in myself and began to feel the love that God has for me. I did the Alpha Course and then this time last year, 6 months after being invited to Church, I decided to get baptised."

"Now it’s me telling other people all the stories and It’s me getting to see students coming to church and being in the same place I was, It’s amazing!"

"But- I don't want it to stop with me. So any time any friends or family visit me, I bring them along to Church with me and they all, not just respect it, but are intrigued. If that one friend of mine didn't take the chance to invite me to Church, I would still be lost. Yes, you can get a no...but what if you get a yes?"

"Finding hope in Jesus has given me peace and the whole reason I am here is all because a friend invited me."

* * * * * 

Who could you invite along to Church? 

Who are your neighbours, coursemates, friends?

What if in 6 months' time, they were getting baptised? 

It all starts with your invitation, yes they might say no...but what if they said yes?


Mads Baker

Partnership Developer

During Mads' time at Uni, the local church played an integral part in allowing Mads' faith to become her own. She is now passionate about equipping churches to do the same for others, in order to see the lives of students transformed during their time at uni.

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