"I began to feel sustained joy again" - Nathan's Story

Nathan is a student in Nottingham and this is his story of coming to faith whilst at university...


Despite Growing up in a Christian home, I never really developed a faith of my own. I always felt something was missing but quite simply put, I wanted to live my life my own way without any input from God or anyone else.

As a teenager, I wanted nothing to do with church and was intentionally antagonistic to anyone who tried to talk to me about it. When university came around, I thought I’d finally escaped any form of Christian influence, until during my first week of Uni my flatmate announced he’s a Christian and that he’s going to church on Sunday.

I was furious. I rolled my eyes at my deep misfortune and then went on to ask him the hardest questions I could think of as often as I could. Nonetheless, I admired the commitment to love God and it left a lasting impression on me.

All the same, I continued to push boundaries and do whatever I pleased though over time this way of life started to take a major toll on me mentally. It was like my reckless living was taking little bits of me away leaving me feeling emptier and emptier - completely disillusioned, bitter and hopeless.

After enough low points, encouraged by Christian friends, I finally bit the bullet and decided to go to church. I started reading the gospels for the first time in my life and almost instantly felt a personal connection with Jesus and the things he taught. How could a man from 2000 years ago be able to touch my heart in that way? I found myself blown away by what Jesus had to say about life. I was amazed by his wisdom and wished I’d been humble enough to turn to him sooner.

As I started coming to church, I started to see my character and priorities change for the better. For the first time in years I began to feel sustained joy again. My perspective on life was so different that I found myself describing my old life before Jesus in the 3rd person because it just wasn’t me anymore.

I’m a long way from perfect - I know I’ll never be - yet I’m so much more hopeful and joyful than I’ve ever been. That’s why I recently decided to get baptised: because Jesus has changed my life for the better which I’m eternally grateful for. I wouldn’t trade this joy and hope that I’ve found in him for anything in this world.

Ed Earnshaw

Student Mission Coach

Ed’s faith came alive at uni and he loves seeing students grow in boldness and faith. He believes students who have found hope in Jesus can change their campuses and cities, and this is why he is excited that he gets to coach churches and students to embrace lives of mission. 

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