Week 1 - A new wave of evangelists

I am filled with hope for this academic year. Last Sunday two young people visited our church. One is a student in Loughborough who became a Christian last year and is about to go into his second year at uni. The other is about begin her degree in York. These two friends were visiting churches to help her to decide which church would be her home for the next three years or more.   

As we chatted they shared how they had spent their time in York. Filled with passion for Jesus and the boldness of the Holy Spirit,  they had been walking around York speaking to anyone who would listen about how good Jesus is! Lots of these conversations had been really positive, some people weren't interested at all but three people had given their lives to Jesus. There and then, on the street and as part of her preparation for university in York, this young lady had led three people to faith in Jesus. Wow! We invited them to share this testimony to our church on Sunday and it was so encouraging. The young lady said, "Don't wait until you feel full of the Holy Spirit before you go on mission, just go on mission and he will fill you! He's already there!"

I am filled with hope for this academic year! Imagine a generation bold enough to share the hope they profess with their mates. Imagine a generation of students who weren't held back by social anxiety or the fear of offending others. Imagine a student who knew who they were and whose they were so securely that they could offer the greatest thing they had discovered with their spiritually hungry friends - Jesus Christ. 

I believe that this generation is about to turn up in your town or city to study. They might not look like it, but they are game changers.

If you know a young person who is about to start university, make sure you encourage them to get the Student Linkup App and send them the Student Linkup Box

Every week of the academic year, we are sharing a story of student mission. If you have a story to share, let us know

Luke Smith

National Team Leader (England & Wales)

Luke has worked with students in church for 20 years. He loves helping churches figure out how to reach students. He leads the Fusion team to keep them sharp and focused as they serve the local church.

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