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Hey! We're Olli and Jo, and we're the Fusion Spain team. We're a married couple from England and we've been pioneering and trying to get Fusion off the ground in Spain for the last three years now.


What's the reality?

There are 1.7 million students in Spain, including international and post-grad students. It is far more common here to go to uni in your hometown, although some move away, and uni is far more about the classes than the extra-curricular! We are still in place where very few churches see the campus as a mission field, and somewhere they could serve and bless and be present. 

These days there are very few young people (let alone students!) connected to church, and sadly, not many options of student-friendly spaces for those who are seeking God. 

What do we want to see?

We want to see students come to know Jesus - we want them to have more opportunities to meet Christians, be prayed for and explore what the Christian faith is about in ways they can understand and relate to. We want to see the local church (both protestant and catholic) wake up to play her part in reaching, discipling and raising this generation as leaders to transform the nation. 

What are we doing about it?

Locally, in Granada, in our own local church and through other connections with catholics, we are discipling students and equipping them for mission in any way we can. 

Nationally, we continue to build relationships with churches, inspiring them to reach students and play their part, and running a learning community to coach and walk alongside those few churches who actively want to learn to reach students! 

We'd love if you could pray for us!

Please pray for the church to wake up to the need to reach students in Spain! Pray that God will continue to open doors for us to serve and catalyse so that more students are reached. Pray that we get to see God move in more and more students locally in Granada too, as they come to faith.

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Fusion Team

The vision of Fusion is to see every student have the opportunity to find hope in Jesus and home in the local church during their time at university. Written by the Fusion Team & friends of Fusion, the Fusion blog is full of tips, resources, and stories that will equip and inspire you to play your part in the student mission narrative.