Week 26 - The Power of Invitation

Growing up in an Indian household, we didn’t need loads of reasons to have a celebration or throw a party. Any reason to meet around the table with lots of food and people was the dream. But one thing I was aware of was the power of invitation. There’s something so special about specifically inviting someone for the party or celebration that we would host. It communicates to them that we value their presence and also that we love them. There is power in invitation.

Recently while visiting Coventry, I got to chat with Catherine Ayre who is part of the team at Friends International. FI hosts Globe Cafés where they invite international students to connect and share food. Catherine shares the story of a university lecturer who also volunteers at the Globe Café, gave a lecture to 40 Chinese students and at the end of his lecture, he invited them to come along to the cafe. That week, six of those students turned up. They not only came, but they stayed for the bible study that happens after the cafe, and one of those students asked to ‘borrow’ a bible. Since then, several more of those students have come to the cafe, and more of them have stayed for bible studies, some of them have taken home the Mark’s Gospel. 

This story doesn’t end with salvation, but it has sparked curiosity. We have no idea, what our invitations can do, 40 invites, 6 turning up, and 1 reading the bible, might just be the most profound example of what we need to live out in this season.

Who needs to be personally invited to church this week? Who in your life might be curious about Jesus? Who knows what might happen, but one thing is sure - there is power in invitation. 

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Aaron Nayagam

Head of Mission

Aaron is passionate about equipping the local church to reach and raise the next generation to know Jesus, and in particular has a heart to invest in the South Asian churches in the UK.

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