Week 32 - Spiritual Openness

Josh is a 2nd year student in Bristol. A few weeks ago one of his friends, who he has been praying for for a long time, reached out about struggling with mental health. They suggested connecting the following week to discuss the situation in more detail. They had an evening catching up and then the conversation began to focus on the struggles of Josh’s friend. 

After talking for a while they decided to make a stop in McDonald’s just before it closed. In the car Josh’s friend apologised for burdening Josh with all his problems. Josh told him how he believes Jesus can take all our burdens from us in prayer. His friend said that it was funny to mention prayer because he had actually started praying!

The conversation turned towards faith and prayer and they talked about what it means to really live a Christian life. In McDonald's, Josh mentioned the Bible and his friend said that he also wanted to start reading the Bible too. So, Josh said that he had a Bible in his car and his friend could have it. He also said they could read the Bible together that night and his friend said yes!

After getting food, they drove back to Josh’s friend's house but, noticing his housemates were still awake and not wanting to end the conversation, they sat in the car and read the Bible together. Josh prayed with his friend and drove back to Bristol at 2am. His friend is continuing to pray, study the Bible and reach out to Josh. 

At Fusion, we have noticed the current student generation is one of the most spiritually open generations we have ever seen. Students want to try church and hear the story of Jesus. Loads of them are praying and reading the Bible without even telling anyone. There are only a few more weeks of University before summer comes but God can do so much in that time. What would it look like for you to reach out to your friend and invite them to church? Maybe even pray with them and read the Bible together? You’ll be amazed at how willing and open your friends are to hear about Jesus.

Every week of the academic year, we are sharing a story of student mission. If you have a story to share, let us know.

Roscoe Crawley

Partnership Developer

Roscoe is committed to seeing students' lives transformed by the hope of Jesus. Based in Bristol, he works with local Churches to help them disciple, mentor and equip students for mission.

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