Week 36 - Jesus, Smoking & Bierkeller

Last month a group of students in Lincoln made the courageous decision to head out onto campus and chat with students about Jesus as part of their monthly student night. 

The students used the Fusion Survey as a means of sparking conversations about faith. Despite some feeling nervous and anxious about the prospect of chatting with strangers about Jesus, every single student chose to embrace this discomfort and step out in courage. Just under an hour later, all the students returned full of the Spirit and ready to share amazing stories of conversations they had been able to have with people on the streets of Lincoln.

The most amazing thing is the impact that this evening has had on these students - it has increased their courage and boldness in mission and evangelism.

A day after the night of surveying, one of these students was on a night out. Instead of drinking, she decided she would have a sober night, survey students, and spend the evening chatting with strangers about Jesus in Bierkeller. 

When she arrived at Bierkeller this student made her way to the smoking area because ‘that’s where all the best chats happen’ and began using the survey to spark conversation after conversation with students about faith. In one instance, she ended up in a 40-minute conversation with a student, invited her to church, and added her on Instagram to continue the conversation. 

As Churches together across Lincoln, a group of students have also now begun surveying every week on campus and the number of students wanting to take part is increasing each week as God continues to stoke a fire inside students to see their campus come to know Jesus!


What could it look like for you to gather a group of students and begin regularly heading onto campus to chat with students about Jesus?

What’s stopping you? Fear? Capacity? Lack of feeling equipped?

What difference could it make to campus and to the Kingdom if you were a Church actively on mission to reach students?

If you would value a Fusion team member coming to help equip you and your students in engaging in mission and evangelism then drop us an email.

Every week of the academic year, we are are sharing a story of student mission. If you have a story to share, let us know

Mads Baker

Partnership Developer

During Mads' time at Uni, the local church played an integral part in allowing Mads' faith to become her own. She is now passionate about equipping churches to do the same for others, in order to see the lives of students transformed during their time at uni.

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