Week 40 - Students Awakening

On May 9th, we hosted our final Wide Awake Night of the year in Newcastle. These nights have been a space of catalysing mission, seeing students say yes to Jesus and celebrating the testimonies of what God is doing around the country. We are seeing students awaken to the call of Jesus to go and make disciples. These nights have been aimed at pouring fuel on the fire of what God is already doing.

130 students walked through the door from 10 different churches in Newcastle. There was such a strong sense of unity in the room, everyone had gathered for one thing, to worship Jesus. The prayer of Jesus in John 17 has been one of our visions for these nights, that in the unity of the church the world would believe that the father has sent Jesus to us (John 17:22-23). 

After a talk on the outpouring of the Spirit, the worship kept on going to the point where we had to stop! It seemed like we could have been there worshipping through the night. 

We’ve heard a student worker say that the excitement could be felt in the room for what God could do among these students as they responded to the call of mission. They are still hearing stories from students who have a new sense of boldness to share the Good News with their friends. 

The vision of these nights is to take something of the Fusion culture on the road, to university cities, so that we could partner with local churches and celebrate what God is doing. This all builds up to our own conference, Wide Awake, which is happening this week! We’re gathering students and student workers from all over the country who are Wide Awake to what God is doing. We will be praying for students to be sent to the harvest field and we’ll be seeking a move of God across the nation. Please pray for us as we gather and ask God to move. If you feel stirred as you read this and you can see God is doing something in this generation, come to Wide Awake, come and worship with us as we cry out for a revival in this nation.

Every week of the academic year, we are are sharing a story of student mission. If you have a story to share, let us know

Roscoe Crawley

Partnership Developer

Roscoe is committed to seeing students' lives transformed by the hope of Jesus. Based in Bristol, he works with local Churches to help them disciple, mentor and equip students for mission.

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