Good news stories

This is why we do what we do... when we hear the testimonies of lives changed for the better.

This summer, scores of students and student workers are giving their time to work with Fusion at the big festivals across the country, to find and connect with students and school leavers for the cause of Studentlinkup

Without any prompting, people have been coming up to our stand asking if they can write down testimonies of how important they find the work of Fusion and how it has impacted their lives. These good news stories are what makes it worth it for us, when we hear what God has done in individual lives through a movement we are throwing all our energy at. 

Here's just some of the stories I want to share with you:

Student: "A massive thank-you to Studentlinkup/ Fusion for all their help in finding a church in Leicester. Starting Uni is scary enough, but having local churches emailing me about events made me feel so at home. I've settled in a church called Holy Trinity in Leicester and the cell group / friends I have made there are some of the best friends I have! Thank-you God for your plan! Jessica."

Student: "Fusion helped me get plugged into a fantastic God-centered church and involved in leading within the Christian Union. Fusion ROCKS! William."

Parent: "My daughter was about to go to university at last year's New Wine. I was so glad I found Studentlinkup because the two people gave me such hope and encouragement. They had both 'kept their faith' whilst at university and I was able to 'sign post' my daughter to the stand for them to give her advice- advice she would not have taken from boring old me!! She has completed her first year, found a supportive church and I am so grateful for this resource. God bless you. Mrs T. V Fellows."

If you are a school leaver, BE ENCOURAGED, is here for YOU to find a church and be prepared for the wonderful uni adventure with Jesus.

If you are a church leader, BE ENCOURAGED, your efforts to contact and connect with those freshers works! Keep going!

If you are a parent or youth worker, BE ENCOURAGED, there is hope, there is help at hand, your kids can make it through Uni more alive in Christ than ever before.

If you are a student, BE ENCOURAGED, it's not too late to find a church with studentlinkup, and you can be part of welcoming this year's freshers too!

If you have a good news story to share, why not post it below? Because it is for these testimonies that we all do what we do, every summer, ever year, and every working day for many of us... and praise God, he has a good plan that we are seeing change the lives of students across the UK!

Come see us on the Fusion stand at all the big summer festivals, post your good news story below, and thank-you Jesus that you are moving in power! 

Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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