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What actually is 'revival' and would we recognise it if we saw it?


For a few years now I’ve had a secret thought, theory, suspicion perhaps, that revival won’t be what we might expect. I’m not sure it'll look like stadiums full of crowds all focused on a stage and being led from the front. I’m not sure it'll be loud voices and polished messages and christian celebrities. I’m not sure revival will come in the shape of the summer conferences we...

Since when


It’s actually all about you Jesus, Not me. It’s actually all about your glory, Not mine. It’s actually got nothing to do with me. It’s how good you are.   I live me-centred, People-centred, World-centred. When it’s actually God-centred.   God-wrapped, God all encompassing, God surpassing understanding, God folded, remoulded, Carved by the living Creator.   Since when did we get over God and get into “us”? Since when were we called into “me, me, me” rather than “You, you,...