Each year thousands of Christian freshers – perhaps you are one of them, or you know one – go onto a new life stage at universities across the UK and around the world. 

For most, moving to university are the first real steps of independence, freedom and adventure and like all life stages, it is both exciting and daunting. Our hope and prayer is that all new students are able to prepare for this big change, supported by those around them and commissioned with a great send-off. The Student Linkup Box is the essential resource to prepare for the university experience.

Developed over many years of supporting freshers and training student workers, the Student Linkup Box is packed full of resources and books that encourage and inspire. It is teaming with essential advice and tools that prompt & provoke important space to reflect, pray and plan for the transition to university.


This £12.50 box includes four essential preparation for university resources including:

  • The Student Linkup Sessions: four sessions focused around starting university, university culture, opportunities to be found at university and the legacy university can be as a foundation for the rest of your life.
  • Studentscape: a value-based approach to discipleship combining bible studies and practical application
  • The Student Alphabet: a light-hearted and very practical A-Z guide on life at university.
  • The latest copy of the Fusion Journal.



To buy this box as a gift to someone you know leaving for university could be the most valuable preparation of their adult lives.

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