TCM Baptist Church

Where everyone is someone and Jesus Christ is Lord. Serious about the Bible and igniting students to live for Jesus.

A bit more...

We are a gospel centred, Bible based church, on the High Street very close to Lincoln city centre.

We have a heart for students and want to help them know God better as they start university, live for Jesus as they live student lives, and equip them to serve Him through the rest of their lives as they graduate.

As a church, we learn from the Bible, worship God and share our lives with each other as we grow in Christ together.

Part of FIEC (the Federation of Independent Evangelical Churches).

What do we do for students?

We aim to equip students with the tools to continue in their faith as they study and once they have graduated from university.

We know it's a big change in life and can be tough so we are there to help you through with activities each week and the opportunity to be discipled one to one by a mature Christian.

Student activities include Bible studies, lunch at church, lunch at the home of church families, socials and more. We also encourage students to get involved in the church, whether it's the band, the youth work or tidying up the plants!

We also believe that students should be part of the local church so love to arrange on-to-one studies and get students involved in church housegroups.

When & Where

High Street/Chaplin Street

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On Sundays we have services at 10:30am and 6pm.

We'd love students to get involved with the church's housegroups on Wednesday evenings too.

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