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Hey there!
I’m Abie and – maybe like yourself - I have recently moved to London!
Getting settled her and building a life for myself in Peckham has been tough but my job at All Saints has been incredible & I want to see what can be done to help other people like me settle in and find their place in London and in the church. We want to be as welcoming and accommodating to students as possible, and the evening service is especially great for meeting others in a similar stage of life to you! As are our Monday night bible studies where we meet together with young adults from multiple churches in South East London to study and laugh together. (This one happens in our homes, so message me for the address!)
Please get in contact with any questions, comments or jokes (brighten my inbox!) I'd love to meet up with you, take you out for a coffee and see how we can welcome you into our congregation!

Good luck with all your studies & hope to meet you soon!


What do we do for students?

Whether many or few we meet regularly, believing God has placed us in the inner city for a reason. As a church we find ourselves trying to work out how to love God, love each other and love Peckham more.

We think supporting and encouraging each other as family, and being part of the community that surrounds us, is so important and we'd love for you to join us on the odd and exciting adventure that can be. As students we're usually less settled in one place but we want to run together, working out what it means to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, being salt and light together. This is also why we're so keen to work with other churches in the area to form a large network of Christian students in South East London supporting each other, and sharing the gospel.

When & Where

All Saints Church,
Blenheim Grove,
SE15 4QS

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(this ones got a lovely family feel)
(this ones got a 'young adulty' feel - starts with tea and coffee and delicious morsels, then worship, teaching, ministry, usually followed by a beverage or two at the pub)

Inter-church student/young adult bible study!
This is an amazing group of people from different churches, but all the same stage of life meeting together. We’re a mixture of first year students, young graduates, church workers and the odd trainee theologian.
We spend our evening laughing together over how to pronounce Old Testament names, worshiping the God who brought us together, drinking copious amounts of tea & coffee and finding out what’s so amazing about the Bible and what does it mean to us.
Drop me a message for the address!
Insta -branches_southeastlondon

(the midweek one with Communion, worship, talk etc.)

Going to study near All Saints Peckham?

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