York Minster

York Minster invites everyone to discover God's love - join our vibrant community of all ages in worship and in fun.

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York Minster invites everyone to discover God's love through our welcome, worship, learning and work. For over a millennium, people have come to seek inspiration in this place of wonder. York Minster is one of the world’s most magnificent cathedrals, a masterpiece in stained-glass and stone, with foundations rooted in the nation’s earliest history and its vast spaces are brought to life with the glory of worship and heavenly music.

York Minster has a vibrant community of all ages and offers daily services, social events, small groups and opportunities to volunteer. For students the Minster offers the chance to be part of a diverse and loving church community alongside opportunities to gather with fellow students and young adults for Christian fellowship.

There is a rich variety of worship, from beautiful, daily Evensong, to the contemplative, more experimental monthly evening service of Threshold

What do we do for students?

18-30s Group – A group of 18-30ish year olds from the Minster community meeting fortnightly for Bible study, friendship and fun. We're currently re-imagining what we do as young people at the Minster, so there's an opportunity to shape what's going on, including Pilgrim Courses, Exploring Christianity and more.

R&R – A discussion group meeting fortnightly in the pub. At the moment we're delving into the Old Testament, but the discussion is wide-ranging and entertaining!

Socials – The Minster community hosts regular events including safari suppers and Desert Island disc evenings; the 18-30s group also holds events such as meals together, visits to the theatre, or to the cinema.

Volunteer opportunities – The Minster boasts a 500 strong team of volunteers from stewards and volunteer guides to flower arrangers. There is also the opportunity to get involved with the Minster's growing youth work including Minster Mice - a fortnightly toddler service - and Sunday School.

When & Where


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Sunday Services
8.00 Holy Communion (BCP)
10.00 Sung Eucharist (Common Worship)
11.30 Choral Matins
16.00 Evensong

7.30 pm - monthly Threshold service see Facebook/website for details

Weekday Services
07.30 Matins (Zouche Chapel)
07.50 Holy Communion (Zouche Chapel)
12.30 Monday–Friday Holy Communion (CW, BCP Wednesday) (All Saints’ Chapel)
17.15 Evensong Tuesday-Saturday
Evening prayer - Monday

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