Coventry Vineyard

Coventry Vineyard is somewhere you can meet new people, have fun, strengthen your relationship with Jesus and serve other people.

A bit more...

Coventry Vineyard is about doing life together in socials, small groups, on Sunday, exploring what it means to live out the Kingdom of God.

As a church, as a community and as a family we are here to:

Encourage people to worship God in their everyday lives

Equip people to become more like Jesus

Express the love and compassion of God in practical ways

What do we do for students?

Supported by our Student Team and wider Church congregation we aim to encourage and support Students at Coventry Vineyard. While you are away at University, Coventry Vineyard is somewhere you can call home.

Next term we have a Life Group designed and built for Students offering a weekly space to learn more about God and be challenged to do the things that Jesus taught us to do. Life Groups are all about living life together. It's the main place to meet new people, join a community and get support during your studies.

We are so excited about the year ahead, with loads of new fun, spiritual and social activities and events in the pipeline. Some other things you'll see happening throughout the year include awesome parties, bowling, laser quest, pub socials, trips away... all sorts!

Students are part of Coventry Vineyards mission to bring the Kingdom Everywhere in Every way. As a community we are empowered, through the holy spirit, to be transformed, renewed and restored in Christ.

We also have some events with the wider Vineyard Family of Churches, the highlight being Cause to Live For, a two day conference/event packed with amazing worship, talks; seminars, socials and more.

You are invited, so come along and be a part of the action! :)

When & Where

Sidney Stringer Academy
2 Primrose Hill Street

Get Directions

We meet at Sidney Stringer Academy (see website for map and directions) every Sunday Morning from 10:15 am for Coffee and Pastries. (Gathering Starts from 10:45am)

As well as general adult life groups, we run a student specific life group on Tuesdays.

We run a social every other week and lunches as a community after our gathering on a Sunday.

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