St Swithin's Church

St Swithin's is a loving, diverse church community that seeks to discover and live out God's Kingdom and grace. You are always welcome.

A bit more...

We feel the call to seek first the Kingdom of God. We are called to love God, to love each other, to love the local community. We are called to share the good news of Jesus and to see the renewal of the world around us.

We are prophetically open to what God has in store for us in the future. In this season, we are particularly excited at the prospect of continuing to know and grow in God’s grace, His hospitality, His presence and His creativity.

As a church, we journey together as one. We are united by grace. Everyone is welcome. As a family we aim to be hospitable, honouring and open, inviting people to walk with God and with us through all seasons of life.

We seek to help each other step into everything that God has for us. We seek to learn about the culture of which we are a part, and in which we aim to live a life of authentic worship by following Christ at His word and in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit

What do we do for students?

We are a loving, multigenerational church. One of the key things we can offer students is to be part of a whole church family where they are blessed and can be a blessing to those around them.

One of the other key things we can offer students are many opportunities to step up and to grow in their gifts and their leadership in the context of a growing church.

Our student and young adult community is just starting out. We are looking to build a community where everyone is loved and welcome, where everyone is supported, encouraged and challenged, where everyone has the opportunity to share and contribute, where we are being creative and brave in the way we express community, where we are there not just for ourselves, but to bless and serve each other. We would love it if you are up for joining us and help us to dream where it could go and contribute to it's future.

Sion Hill Campus (Bath Spa University) is just down the road and looking forward, we are keen to partner with and serve that student community as much as possible.

We would love to continue to offer our facilities to our two universities more and more. Whether that is for creating a quiet study space, using our space to exhibit art work or to put on concerts, or to help with other student-led projects.

When & Where

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Our main gatherings is when worship together at 10:00am on Sunday mornings.
This is an opportunity to celebrate who God is, reflect on what He's doing, spend time with Him, bring our lives before Him and listen to what He's calling us to. We have time together over coffee, sharing life and getting to know people. We sing some songs, pray, celebrate communion, have an inspiring and Bible focussed talk. There are children and youth children's groups for those who are younger.

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