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We are set on empowering a generation and believe in building an environment where you can be inspired, encouraged and challenged in every area to live life to the full. We want to create space where you can grow and flourish by being a part of our church community and all that we are involved in.

Blueprints, is a great opportunity to meet amazing people and connect with one another. We have regular socials whether it’s going out for a drink, playing games, going for a walk, watching a film or just having a chat, there is something for everyone. We also believe its so important to have the freedom to ask any questions that you might have about life and faith. Blueprints is the place to do this where we will discuss those questions which we just can’t seem to answer. We’re confident you’ll find a place where you fit.

If you’re not part of Blueprints, let us know. We’d love to meet you and introduce you to one of our fantastic Blueprints leaders.

What do we do for students?

Our heart is for students to grow and flourish into all that they can be. We believe that its important to give room and space for them to grow. We encourage our students to get involved where they can, whether on the worship team, helping our youth, being on the team for our toddlers, or leading one of our student groups; there is something for anyone who wants to grow.

Blueprints is a plant from the Community Church in Southport. As such we come together on a Sunday morning also in Southport, where there is free transport to and from and a lunch provided for afterwards at the home of one of our families.

When & Where

Edge Hill University
L39 4QP

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We meet on Wednesday evenings in a variety of locations on campus and around the area. Times can vary depending on if we are having a social event.

We also meet on a Sunday morning in Southport at the church that Blueprints is planted from.

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