Mosaic Church Harrow

We are a new intercultural church plant in Harrow that’s seeking to honour cultural differences and diversity in everything that we do.

A bit more...

A mosaic is made up of tiles of different colours and shapes that together make something beautiful and special. We believe that our differences and cultural diversity enhance the specialness of our time together. Each person adds unique richness and beauty to who we are as followers of Jesus. When one tile is missing in a mosaic, we notice it, so we feel that each person brings a distinct contribution to our community.
We use the word 'intercultural' rather than 'multicultural' because values are proactively shared.
We enjoy mutual learning and blessing from each other’s cultural insights.
At our bi-monthly services there is always cultural and language representation as no one culture has the best view of God. We sing in different languages, read the Bible in more than one tongue, and are creative when it comes to prayer.
We love to eat together too - be it samosas, sausage rolls, baklava or pierogi.
Come and join our family, whatever your background!
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What do we do for students?

A welcoming, affirming, diverse family where anyone of any age and culture feels at home!
We will definitely be eating together, praying together and learning from one another (there are lots of wise people here!).

Here's a selection of what you could get up to:
- Come for a meal in one of our family's homes
- Evening services on Sundays
- Student & Young Adults group
- Circles (a group of 3, mixture of ages)
- Intercultural worship jamming
- Street evangelism
- Prayer meeting (1x a month)
- Midweek courses such as 'Prayer Course', 'Difference Course', 'Freedom in Christ'

...and the opportunity to have your say in how the church is run!

When & Where

St Paul's, Corbin's Lane
South Harrow

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Currently we're meeting on Zoom @ 4.30pm, twice a month (link on the website).
From October, following our commissioning/launch event, we're aiming to meet 3x a month in central Harrow. Details to follow.

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