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At Chosen church, we’re a community of followers of Jesus Christ and we’ve come from all walks of life and backgrounds both young and old, professionals and non-professionals. Our deepest heart desire is to worship Jesus Christ through the way we live our lives as we continue to seek to know Him more and more. We’re not a perfect church but we love God in such a way that it is reflected in how we treat those around us. Here at Chosen, we believe that God chose each one of us not based on anything else other than the finished work of Jesus Christ.
So we invite you to join us on this adventure!

What do we do for students?

We make students feel welcome to our city.
We help them with settling in and connecting with a church family where they can grow and become all that God has designed them to become.
We have young professionals that can guide students in their career paths.
We also provide general welfare for students including food bank.

When & Where

10, Ashbrooke Park, Parkside Lane
United Kingdom
LS11 5SF

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Sundays @11am

Tuesdays 7-8 on our YouTube channel for Bible studies & prayers.

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