Bethshan Durham

Building our lives around the person of Jesus, encountering His heart, being discipled by His words...

A bit more...

…going on mission as His family, transforming through His Kingdom.

Bethshan is a movement of disciples across the North East of England wholeheartedly pursuing God and believing him for our region to be transformed in every area of society. We believe in building a community where every person is released into their God-given call, demonstrating God’s love, partnering with Holy Spirit for the Kingdom.

In Durham we have communities of young adults, connected in with over 500 believers from all walks of life & cultures across the region. We seek to encourage one another in our walks with Jesus as we grow in intimacy with him and learn to follow his voice and leading, both in our own lives and to see transformation in our spheres of influence for His glory! Universities have always been vessels for God’s hand to shape young men & women with fire and passion for life.

We're big on prayer, big on the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, big on worship and holiness, big on living with fire and loving God passionately… and big on making these effective in partnering with God to build his Kingdom!

What do we do for students?

Our young adult community in Durham meets in small groups online, with weekly teaching resources, student prayer, live worship, student specific conversations, and an app that holds it all together.  We’re focussing on resources to equip us in our walk with Jesus, and to resource one another as we grow into all that God has made us to be.

In this COVID season, we have shifted our focus away from Sunday meetings, in order to allow God to strengthen us as 7-day-a-week disciples. We have a mixture of live online, pre-recorded and in-person connect points to engage with. We love gathering in small groups in homes to connect together (all according to the Coronavirus Government guidelines), meeting online to pray and engage with the scriptures, and sharing our lives day in and day out with everything from dog walks to coffees to wonderful meals!

We have opportunities to connect with amazing people and families in the Bethshan family - including your fellow students, recent graduates, and families of all ages!

When & Where

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(We’ve put this down as it’s where we’ve baptised folk in the river every year)

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Our weekly student gathering is online, with many more connecting points besides. Please do message us here or email to find out more!

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