The Steeple Church Dundee

Join us, have fun, make good community friendships and get to know God

A bit more...

The Sunday Service is informal in style with plenty of opportunity to participate, but no pressure to! Freshly made coffee is available from 10.15AM onwards.

If you wish to attend our alternative style of church, come along to Cafe Church in The Steeple, alternate Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm. Good opportunity to develop friendships, enjoy good teaching, and share in discussion.

Student event program runs during term times with activities like Make your own pizza nights, bible studies, social night etc.

Summer Out&About program lets you get to know people in the church as well as exploring the local area through Forrest walks, kayaking and lots of coffee shops!

What do we do for students?

We encourage students to get involved...using their musical gifts, helping in youth ministry, participating in home groups, enjoying social events.

When & Where

The Steeple Church,

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SUNDAYS 10.30am The Steeple Church, Nethergate, Dundee
TUESDAYS 7pm Cafe Church, The Steeple Church

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