About us

Gate Church International is an established local church, close to the university, with a large number of international members. At Gate Church we want to help you encounter God and grow in Him, whilst building strong friendships with other twenties and teens within our church. Our Sunday services are informal and welcoming and include worship followed by a short time of teaching. We often finish with some more worship or a time where people can receive prayer. Our worship can be loud and lively, while maintaining reverence for God.

What do we do for students?

Student Alpha

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions exploring the meaning of life. It’s fun, relaxed and totally no pressure!

We know that sometimes it’s easier not to ask questions but on Alpha we think life is worth exploring, so your questions are welcome no matter how ‘out there’ they are. Student Alpha was designed for you, or anyone who doesn’t go to church much, if at all!

When & Where

Gate Church International
158 Perth Road


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Our service takes place at 11am each Sunday.

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