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Settling into Uni and finding a great church can be overwhelming. Alive Lincoln can't wait to welcome you and help you have the best time.

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Congrats!!!! You've done it, you've made it to Uni! Finding the right church can be hard with so many other things to do. However, being part of the right church can enhance and make your time away unforgettable. At Alive we believe in students, we believe in you. We are already praying for you to have the best time at Uni.

Alive Lincoln is a thriving city-centre church with people from all walks of life being transformed by Jesus Christ. The mission of Alive Lincoln is to lead people to become dedicated followers of Christ. This is the foundation of all we do. We are classed as one church across many locations. Our amazing Lincoln location Pastors Joy & Paul Blundell have a fantastic heart for student discipleship and success; with a deep desire for helping students discover their God-given purpose in life.

Alive Students have a great team, a big vision and an amazing community. We are so excited about having the best time with you.

What do we do for students?

Alive Lincoln aims to serve, develop and celebrate every single student we encounter. Whatever their past, belief or situation we believe there is hope for them. We will walk with each person to help them discover that for their self and remain dedicated to making sure that they have the best time at Uni ever!

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Alive Church | 22 Newland | Lincoln

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We gather as a whole church every Sunday at 9:30, 11:30 and 18:30. As Alive Students we meet weekly on Wednesdays for connect groups and quality time together.

We host an amazing monthly worship event where we have partnered with Jesus Culture and throughout the year we encourage discipleship with members of the team as well as digging into the life of the whole church. Oh, and let's not forget some special events from Balls to Weekends Away!!!

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