King's Church in Manchester

We’re a family of Christians who have one thing in common; we all think Jesus is truly awesome. We’re amazed by how he has changed our lives

A bit more...

We are a small part of Jesus' one big Church that's made up of all Christians around the world.

Church is so much more exciting than special buildings and services. Church is people; it's the family of God's Children. He wants us to experience him as the most loving Father in the universe. As His sons and daughters, we simply want to play our part in what our father is doing.

Along with the rest of God's Church, we join in the adventure of seeing every part of our world reshaped and made whole just as God wants it to be. In a nutshell, we are a community of "LOVED, LOVERS, LOVING OTHERS." We want to be secure in our identity, passionate in our worship, to see Manchester's University campuses transformed by his Love.

Join us as we pursue an adventurous discipleship and a love for our universities!

What do we do for students?

We will be having student meals on Sundays after the Morning Meeting. In the evening we will be having a Cafe for you to meet the family and get to know us over a coffee and a game.

During Freshers week we will open a cafe opposite the Manchester Metropolitan University Freshers Fair.

We will also be having a Welcome Party at All saints Park at 12:00

During the week, there is something every Thursday at 7:30 pm for Students.

We alternate between 2 types of nights.
1 - Student Foundations.
A night to look at our foundations to make sure we are standing on Jesus in all areas of our life to reach the world with his radical Love. We eat together either a full meal or just desserts and we have teaching with discussions as we work out what it means to live like Jesus on Campus

2 - Student Connect.
These nights we come together to get to know each other over a hot beverage and to break down into small groups to disciple each other and join together in this adventurous faith Jesus has called us into.

We are also having a weekend away for all 18-30's as we get away from it all to encounter God and to pursue his heart for out lives an to hear some super relevant Teaching.

During the year we will also host parties, alpha, Bonfire Nights, BBQ's, adventures up mountains and other fun events.

We want to serve you and to see you become the world-changing sons and daughters God has called you to be.

When & Where

King's Church
King's House
Sidney Street
M1 7HB

Get Directions

Central (City Centre Morning) - 10:30am
Home (City Centre Evening) - 6pm
Salford - 3pm
Longsight - 12:15pm
Higher Blackley - 10:30am
Wythenshawe - 10:30am

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