St Luke's Newcastle

We are a lively Church which seeks to continually worship God, enjoy his presence and share his love, located in the heart of Newcastle!

A bit more...

We are a recently re-established Anglican church and if you pinned us down we would say that we are an evangelical charismatic church! We are as open to the work of the holy spirit as we know how to be, and seek to work in close fellowship with other like-minded congregations on Tyneside. We see our work amongst students as a key part of our ministry and church life and consider them integral to what we do – our location playing a major part in this. We are situated in the heart of “student land” with the campus and the university halls a few minutes walk from our building.

What do we do for students?

Our aim is to bring together students who share a passion to reach out to their fellow students and support and resource them as they do this.

We seek to include students in all aspects of normal church life – giving opportunities to serve and minister amongst us.

We run these events to specifically help us fulfill our aim:

Quest (student cell group)
Biscuit blessing
Amazing Student Carol Service

As a part of the wider Church many of our students get involved in things such as the St Luke's Worship Team, Healing on the Streets, Junction 42 (working with ex-offenders) and Speakers of Life (the north east prophetic network).

When & Where

St Luke’s Church

Claremont Street

Newcastle upon Tyne

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We meet on Sundays at 11am & 6.30pm (6.15pm for food first)

Wedsnesday: Quest (our student cell group) meets in various locations with food at 7pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Early Morning Prayer at 7.30am (with breakfast afterwards!)

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