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We help students to find a local church to call home and church leaders to stay connected to an ever-changing student culture.

We believe that working with students is a great way to bring life to your church and build the Kingdom of God. Some students will stay in your church after graduating, investing with you long term. Others will travel the world and take the values you planted in them as they go. Either way, working with students is a great investment for the future. But it’s also fantastic today. Students have ideas, energy, experience and flexibility. They are also a lot of fun!

Register your church with Fusion here and gain access to a list of students coming to study near you. You will have access to Student Work Training for you and your church which will help you reach and introduce a generation of students to Jesus.

Whether you are preparing young people and sending them off to study at university or welcoming them to your town, we would love you to register your church with Fusion today.

'Student Linkup enables students to find our church. Students are prepared for uni and plugged into local churches. As a parent, I know that when my child goes to uni there is somewhere they can get connected.'

Anthony, Ivy Church Manchester


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'When I came to university I wasn’t a Christian. I met some students from a local church and by the second term I had given my life to Jesus.'

Gemma, York.